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ICA Gallery 2, LASALLE College of the Arts | 7pm

Upgrade! Singapore #3 presents an evening with sound-media artist Zulkifle Mahmod (Singapore) and Angelo Vermeulen (Belgium/Philippines).


Zulkifle Mahmod Zulkifle Mahmod (b. 1975) is at the forefront of a generation of sound-media artists in Singapore’s contemporary art development. Zul is one of the participants for the 52nd Venice Biennale in Italy for the Singapore Pavillion in 2007 along with three other artists. An Associate Artist at the alternative art space The Substation, Zul’s practice signals a more encompassing and expanded visual arts sensory experience. Zul is also the designer for the first Singtel F1 Grand Prix Night Race 2008 trophy in Singapore.
Zul has frequently worked in the context of the artist collective – being the co-founder of Studio 19 and Pink Ark. Pink Ark, formed with fellow artist Kai Lam, in 2004 to pursue ‘experimental sound art’, marked a milestone as the first sound collective in Singapore. It subsequently organized Singapore’s first 24-hour Sound Art Festival (Una Voce, 2005).
Adopting a multi-disciplinary/multi-genre approach, that also include drawings, prints, sculptures and ready-mades, Zul has exhibited in Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Moscow, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Norway and Finland. His “Stilt” series forms part of The Swissotel Stamford Singapore’s permanent art collection. His notable initiatives include an industrial-sound inspired soundtrack in conjunction with an Antoni Tapies exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum and a series of 5 sound performances (False Securities, 2005) using binaural field recordings and digitally processed sounds.

Zul will talk about his past, present, and future work.

More info:  luzart + zulmahmod + facebook

Angelo Vermeulen_Biomodd  [LBA2]390

Angelo Vermeulen is a visual artist, filmmaker, biologist, and author. His research in ecology and environmental pollution informs his art, which includes bio installations, experimental setups incorporating living organisms. ‘Biomodd’ is one of his most well-known projects, and consists of a worldwide series of cross-cultural, symbiotic installations in which ecology, social interaction, and game culture converge. Next to developing ‘Corrupted C#n#m#’, an experimental cinema project, he currently also collaborates with the MELiSSA life support division of the European Space Agency. He co-authored the book ‘Baudelaire in Cyberspace: Dialogues on Art, Science and Digital Culture’ with philosopher Antoon Van den Braembussche, and lectures throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America. He is currently a TED Fellow, Adjunct Professor at the University of the Philippines Open University in Los Baños, and Advisor at Sint-Lucas Visual Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

In this presentation Angelo Vermeulen will talk about his social and biology-inspired art works. He will focus on ‘Biomodd’, a worldwide cross-cultural installation project in which ecology, community building, and case modding creatively converge. The first version was created at The Aesthetic Technologies Lab in Athens, Ohio between 2007 and 2008. In October 2009, the project’s second iteration in the Philippines was finalized after an 8-month long collaboration with a team of over 50 Filipino artists, scientists, engineers, gamers, craftsmen, volunteers and students. During the talk, ‘Biomodd’ will be elaborated upon using video excerpts, photos, work sketches and participant testimonies. A brief overview will be given of the different Philippine spin-offs that were initiated after the project’s completion. Vermeulen will also introduce his recent collaboration with the MELiSSA life support division of the European Space Agency. In this research project he explores the integration of ecosystems in space design, and the future of space-based communities. This presentation is an extended version of the short TED Talk Vermeulen gave during TED2010 in Long Beach, CA.

More info: angelovermeulen + biomodd

This event starts at 7pm and it’s FREE

Lasalle’s campus at 1 McNally Street is located between Short Street and Prinsep Street.

Nearest MRT stations: Little India, Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut

Call for Proposals Conference Events
São Paulo, Brazil

Soft Borders is the 4th Upgrade! International Network Conference and Festival, that will take place in São Paulo city, Brazil, from 18th to 21st/october/2010. The previous editions of the conference happened in New York (USA), Ocklahoma City (USA) and Skopje (Macedônia).

We invite proposals of papers, posters and workshops. A brief summary only is required for the selection process. This should be submitted electronically via the online submission system, by 30/April/2010. You will be asked to create an account with the system before uploading your summary.

We require a summary proposal of 500 words maximum. The title, authors’ name, affiliation and contact details including email address must be provided as well. You don’t need to upload the full paper now. The selected works must upload the full paper file after the notification of acceptance.

In case of problems, please email program-chair@softborders.art.br.

Subject coverage

Soft Borders embraces a wide variety of topics, cross-displinary approaches and presentations of cutting edge technologies. Within the overall theme of soft borders, the subject areas may include but are not limited to the concepts and practice of:

  • Authorship
  • Body / Machine
  • Reality / Thought
  • Collaborative Actions
  • Displacements: global & local transactions
  • Nomadic spaces
  • Ways of interaction and Interfaces
  • Digital Narratives
  • Art & Code
  • Visualising ideas and concepts
  • Digital performance
  • Immersive environments
  • Web 2.0 technologies in art and culture
  • Sound, music, film and animation
  • Technologies of digitisation, 2D and 3D imaging
  • Virtual and augmented worlds

Case studies may be accepted, provided that they include discussions of wider principles or applications using the case study as an example.

More info here: http://softborders.art.br/eng/

Brother McNally Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts | 7pm

Please come to the second Upgrade! Singapore, featuring Matt Sheridan (US/Singapore) and Paviter Singh (Singapore).

matt_up2Matt Sheridan, Disinformation Breakdown, 2008

Matt Sheridan is an animation video artist. His award-winning work has screened in the USA, UK, Brazil, Iran, the Netherlands and France via broadcast, festivals and installations in venues from Centre Pompidou in Paris to the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro; the Rio Video Wall in Atlanta and the Santa Monica Pier in California. A recipient of an MFA in Fine Art from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Matt currently teaches graduate Animation at NYU/TischAsia in Singapore.


Paviter Singh, Never Vacant, 2008

Paviter Singh is a graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts, with a major in Interactive Art. He has constantly looked to traditional as well as technological forms of art as expression. Having previously come from a technological background, the merger of the technical field with the art realm has produced exciting and unexpected results. Paviter’s primary body of work focuses on environmental sound, generative sound and spatial acoustics. Always pushing the visual and aural boundaries, he has created works of art which are both visually as well as aurally inclined. Always looking into communication and miscommunication, Paviter looks to explore silence, sound and aural experiences in our environment. URL

This event starts at 7pm and it’s FREE

Lasalle’s campus at 1 McNally Street is located between Short Street and Prinsep Street.

Nearest MRT stations: Little India, Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut

Earl Lu Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts


Thanks to all of you who have joined us for this first mediated gathering!

Earl Lu Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts, 7 pm

Upgrade! Singapore #1 presents an evening with Interactive Art Alumni from LASALLE College of the Arts. Join us, meet people interested in media art, connect and get inspired.

FloodHelmet1Flood Helmet by Ong Kian Peng
Conversation 1 (1)Conversation 1 by Mize
ryf1vest Suicide Vest by Ryf

is interested in merging art and technology, and his great concern lies on the notion that technology might be slowly becoming a social burden. His works are an irony and subvert technology in order to provoke situations in which its weaknesses are highlighted. He graduated in 2007 with a 1st Class BA (Hons) Interactive Art from LASALLE College of the Arts.

portrays New Media Art in the form of installations, often taking art history and art theory into consideration. Currently, he works as Exhibit Designer at the Science Centre Singapore, where he is actively involved in art, science, prototyping, and the design of exhibits. Some of the projects Mize has been involved with range from the Amazing Science-X Challenge (ASXC) 2009 to the Reactable, a unique electronic musical instrument with a multi-touch tangible user interface, the only of its kind displayed in Asia.

Ong Kian Peng is a Singapore born and bred new media artist / designer. His works investigates environmental issues, data visualizations and wearable art. Besides creating artistic projects, he is also working on various commercial projects ranging from application developments and installations. He recently co-founded the Futuract Group, a research led new media studio that focuses on interactive experiences. URL

This event starts at 7 pm and it’s FREE

Lasalle’s campus at 1 McNally Street is located between Short Street and Prinsep Street.

Nearest MRT stations: Little India, Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut